Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Starting Soon!!

Shad's year of beer challenge is about to commence where myself and a small group of devoted beer lovers will attempt to drink as many different beers as possible over 365 days.   I am on the fence right now if I am going to take this blog live and do the challenge or not.  Last week the doctor advised me to cut back on the amount of beer that I am drinking.  Only a beer a day would be a cutback from the normal 2-4 daily beers that I have been drinking.  So I am currently pondering if a beer a day is a good idea or not. 

If I decide to throw my hat in the ring the rules of the challenge have been posted here and my progress will be documented on this website here.
The challenge will commence on Jan 1st 2014 and continue for the next 365 days. During this time, the participants will keep a beer log listing each new beer they drink and giving the beer a score out of 5. Also, I will be keeping a blog, posting the occasional photo and commenting on the beers, if
I can be bothered to do so that day.

Here is a basic breakdown of the rules that I am following (others have a little different set of rules):
  1. Drink as many different beers as you can in one year with the goal of at least 365. 
  2.  Minimum alcohol content must be 3.3% and above.
  3. You can count more than one different beer each day and you can take days off.
  4. You must drink the whole beer – taking a sip of someone else’s beer doesn’t count, nor do tasting paddles/flights (eg. a selection of 5 beers in 90ml serves) nor does drinking half a can and throwing the rest out because you don't like it.  You must finish the beer.
  5. Home brew is ok but can not exceed 10% of the total beers tried.
With that all said, my main focus will be Colorado based beer with others thrown in here and there.  This should be fun and hope you enjoy it as much as I am going to.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Page in Progress

Challenge will go live on Jan 1st 2014.  Check back for more details as a group of us are currently defining the rules the challenge will live by.  Stay tuned.